How to choose right kind of heels

It has always been quite fascinating for all of us to look like page 3 divas wear those hot heels but my dear its not that easy to carry them like a model.There are many points that should be kept in mind while selecting the right pair of shoes…and if it is about stilettos you need to be extra conscious.To begin with,we should spend a few minutes on deciding what matters more for us a) comfort b) appearance c) both of them.If you are among those who prefer comfort over style then you should go for wedges or platforms.If you lie in the second category,then you have lots of choices from wedges to stilettos. Here is the list that serves you according to your taste:


Top Pumps

They became a rage in 2013 and since then every girl looks up to them whenever they are planning to go to a party. They are quite comfortable as compared to those pencil heels which kill your feet like anything but at the same time it is essential that you choose them wisely( of your size).they can be paired up …

How to get slim and get your dream body

Getting down on your knees, joining your hands in front of the almighty won’t work in any way. They say,"to gain something you have to lose something". Who dosen’t wants to look sexy in this world? 

Whether you go to market, or your workplace, all you notice is "fit "people around. And suddenly, you crave for that type of physique (by physique, we do not mean the way you look; your internal health also counts).So dear readers, we have got some great tips which will apparently lead to people turning heads just to have a glance of your ohhh soo sexyyy personality. 
So here we go guys.... we present you with some tips to burn your  calories and look fit:
Benefits of drinking water

First of all, drink plenty of water. Start your day, with a glass of water or two. Preferably,overnight water stored in copper vessel. It helps remove toxins from the body and also controls your hunger drive. (For removing toxins you can also have some Apple cider vinegar to be included in your …

How to become internet sensation?

Who does not want to become famous? This craving to get acknowledged about

Sibayash by Shashi fabrics india

Sibayash Sibayash is new brand of Pakistani suits and kurtis that has been started by Shashi fabrics India a few months back. Sibayash offers new clothing in Pakistani suits, Kurtis, Dupattas, Sarees, etc. Sibayash have their registered office located in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India.
Contact # +91-9899185586, 8470988886

A trip to Dubai

Here’s what we have done there starting the trip from Delhi IGI airport T3.Our Alarm rang at around 4 am in the morning. Our bags were already packed and ready with visa in hand. We took bath and called the Cab to take us to the airport. It took around 45 min to reach T3. We were to Board the 7.00 am flight. We reached T3 at around 5.30 am in the morning. There we checked in at the Flight counters at around 6 am and handover our bags to them.We then waited at the airport to board the flight, window shopped with some Duty Free Shops, asking prices and tasting things and finally moved to respective entry gate for the flight. Our Flight was Spicejet.We boarded the flight thereby taking our seats. The flight took off from India on time and we reached Dubai in just 3 hrs and 40 minutes. Cool views from above the sky passing many countries and deserts.

Where to buy clothes online/ list of best online websites

You all must be searching on buying clothes online off late. To all the busy bees out there here is the guide to online shopping. Websites like bhane love, missa more etc happen to be the lender of last resort for you. There are different types of dresses that you want straight in your wardrobe but have no idea about their sellers. Here is the bucket list of a few sites from where you can buy your dream dress. 1. MISSAMORECLOTHING This website offers you variety of western dresses that are worth shelling out money.Its never been this easy to find such good quality clothes online .you can buy different kind of tops,dresses,joggers,jeans etc from here that too without making a hole in your pocket. dresses start from rs.600 and above are available here. 2. BHANE LOVE If you believe in simple yet classy clothing this is the place for you. From jeans to joggers,you will find everything here in bhane love. If you are a denim lover this bhane love would not disappoint you. You may often obs…

What are Brass sculptures and how are they made?

Everyone of you might have heard about the brass sculptures that are usually kept in houses, offices, or garden for the purpose of decoration. These sculptures are usually made from the brass material, with different proportions of copper and zinc used to make the brass alloy to make them more to less costlier. Like copper is much costlier than zinc, so if anyone wanted the brass product to be less costlier, they would increase the proportion of zinc in the mixture. The metal is then melted in a furnace and the molten metal is poured in sand made dies and cool down and the raw sculpture is taken out. The sculpture is then finished with sand paper and many tools to engrave a design on them to get the required shape and design. The product is then polished to golden or antique or yellow according to customer needs.