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Maglula Uplula Universal Pistol Magazine

Maglula Uplula Universal Pistol Magazine

For anyone who is conversant with loading magazines, you will agree that it is quite a daunting task especially when you have to deal with different calibers of ammunition. For new users, seeing people loading a gun from a distance seem quite like a piece of cake until they are faced with the real task of having to do it themselves. Apart from the fact that it is very clumsy and time consuming, one is also left with irritation of the thumb.


  • Maglula Uplula universal pistol magazine is a great piece of innovation which was created to help overcome the obvious difficulty associated with loading and unloading magazines. It is a professional military-quality universal tool designed for loading and unloading nearly all 9mm luger up to .45 ACP, single and double stack magazines, including 1911 magazines of all manufacturers.

  • Users have found Maglula uplula universal pistol magazine a very novel design that is very easy, reliable and painless to use. It is very easy to load as the rounds simply drop in without having to push it with the thumb or fingers, the result is that you can load hundreds of rounds without a sore thumb and the thumb simply loves it.

  • It is so simple to use that house wives and even people with arthritis can use it without any difficulty. Associated with this is the fact that maglula uplula ensures that guns are fed to capacity eliminating the exertion that is associated with loading most magazines to capacity.
  • It also has a fast loading rate of one round per second. With this, you can load up to 500 rounds in just 10 minutes! This is 1/3 of the time it takes to load magazine when compared with thumb loading.
  • The maglula uplula universal pistol magazine is expertly designed to be a one size fits all. It does not leave room for inserts, spaces or adjustments or alignment. This makes it unarguably the best pistol magazine loader ever invented.
  • At a weight of 72grams or less, it is a very portable device which makes it fit in the hand and pocket as well. Coupled with the fact that it locks the squeezed position for compact storage, it makes it completely safe to carry in your range bag.
  • The maglula universal loader has an added advantage of being sturdy, rugged and quite durable. It is designed to withstand any harsh treatment. After a lengthy use, the feed ramp may get some build up, causing friction when sliding the rounds into position. This applies when using cheap ammo that is coated. All you need do to fix the problem is just wiping the ramp down with a little gun cleaning solvent. This can be down almost as frequently as possible.
  • With the aligner insert, loading single-stack magazines in the uplula is made quite simple and this also helps to eliminate magazine wiggling.
The benefits that accrue from using this amazing device is almost inexhaustible and should be a must have for every pistol enthusiast’s field box. Being a very user-friendly device, one can conclusively recommend maglula universal pistol magazine to both gun enthusiasts and shooters.


How To Allow a Program A quick SCAN of my system I am running Norton Security and Backup version

Norton: How To Allow a Program A quick SCAN of my system I am running Norton Security and Backup version installed in September 2015 on my PC which is running on Windows 7. Blocking Programs I like to play computer games. Doesn’t everybody? For some reason Norton Security has an issue with some of the games I download. I am not an IT Guru, and do not know why the games get blocked, however I do trust their source and would like to play the game. If you have similar problems (they may occur not only with games programs), in this tutorial we will show how you can allow a program to be used and not blocked by Norton Security. After that (especially for the game lovers) we will also show how to configure the Firewall of Norton in order to allow traffic to and from a selected program. If you are playing online, this will be rather important. Just follow the next simple steps:

Step 1 – Open Your Norton Security Program This is done by a double click on the Norton icon on your desktop, like so:

Step 2 – Run the Norton Security “Settings” You can do this by clicking on the “Settings” tab on the top right part of your Norton screen.

Step 3 – Open the “Antivirus” Setup This is done by clicking on the “Antivirus” tab, which is on the top left of your NortonSettings screen. What we will be doing is to customize how threat protection is handled by Norton. We will exclude the whole directory of the blocked program from the Norton Antivirus Scan.

Step 4 – Configure the Scans, Done by Norton When you open the Antivirus Setup, you will see a screen like this: In order for you to be able to configure the standard scans done by Norton, you need to click on the “Scans and Risks” tab – see the arrow above.

Step 5 – Scroll To the Bottom The “Scans and Risk” screen looks like this: Use the scroll bar on the right to go to the bottom of the page.

Step 6 – Configuring the Scans The bottom of the screen will look like this: In order for you to stop Norton Security from blocking your program, you will have to exclude it from the Norton scanning list. To do so, just click on the “Configure” tab in the “Items to Exclude from Scans” – see the arrow above.

Step 6 – Adding the Folder of the Blocked Program Which Is To Be Excluded From Scans When you punch the “Configure” tab above, you will see a screen like this: Now you need to click on the “Add Folders” tab in order to add the folder of the blocked program – see the arrow above. An “Add Item” screen will open. By clicking on the “Browse” icon (see the arrow bellow) you have to find on your computer the folder of the program, which you want to be exclude from the Norton scan and so unblock its use. Find the directory of the program, which you want to unblock and click on the “OK” button.

Step 7 – Finalize the Process In my example I am excluding the “Punch! Home Design” program, which Norton is blocking for some reason, from the scans. You will have the directory of the program, which you have selected in this window (nothing to do with my “Punch!”). All you have to do to finalize the process is click on the “OK” button. Now the program, which used to be blocked, is ready for use. However the internet exchange, which is done by some programs (for example, the program which we just unblocked), will still be blocked by the Firewall of Norton. If this is important for you, you will need to configure the Firewall.

Just continue with the following steps:

Step 8 – Run the Firewall Configuration This is done from the Settings Menu (see instructions above on how to get there). Now click on the “Firewall” configuration tab (see the arrow above). Step 9 – Select “Program Control” From the screen, which opens, choose the “Program Control” tab, which is second from the left.

Step 10 – Select the Program From this menu you can now select the program, which you want to allow having the required internet access. It will be marked as “Blocked” in the drop down menu to the right. Select “Allow” and then “Apply” to finalize the action. That’s it. Now the blocked internet traffic of your program will be excluded from being blocked by Norton. * * *

Modernizing The Justice Organizations With Our Technology Innovations

Modernizing The Justice Organizations With Our Technology Innovations

Justice is one of the most important public sectors that works for the good of the society. To be at the front and ensure the safety of the people, the modernization has become a necessity for this sector. The organizations are required to attain better efficiency, improved citizen engagement and the ability to manage the operations.

Working at the heart of the UK Criminal Justice system, Midhil Technologies offers all the tools and support to achieve a secure and safe justice environment. The applications we provide to the Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service ensure a quick response in all the procedures. With the help of our applications, citizens turn up to the court on time, the paying procedure to the Jurors expenses get easier and the recording of the case events provides records.

What we provide with our expertise

Handling more than 30,000 staff and external users in the UK Ministry of Justice, Midhil Technologies has the capacity to serve the sector with multiple solutions.

1. We build Money Claims online systems for pursuing debt claims.
2. We design, build and operate the database. That is what we are doing for the UK Police forces right now.
3. We provide a secure cloud infrastructure to support the security. Our cloud support is right now helping the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
4. Our operating centers can handle the vast number of cyber events every single day.
5. The collection of the violation becomes easier with our systems. We make tracking and enforcement advanced for the regulatory bodies. The New York regulation body is having the benefits of our services currently.

We have all the technology services for you

At Midhil Technologies, we combine our multiple-level approaches to providing technological solutions. You can achieve following services from us.
·         Development and maintenance of the applications
·         Testing services for the assurance of performance, Big Data, and automation. 
·         Cloud infrastructure to conveniently engage more citizens.
Come to us to a secured technology environment

Our abilities are unlimited and we can deliver the best results for you

Supporting Downstream Operations With Greatest Technologies

Supporting Downstream Operations With Greatest Technologies

Finding the profits can become a hard task among all the challenges of downstream operations of oil and gas. The competition is making it difficult for the operators to cope with the rising costs, and constantly fluctuating demands. In these situations, only the reliable technologies can offer some peace to the leaders of the industry.

Midhil Technologies structures a business atmosphere that allows you to conveniently have control over all the variables. With the availability of the latest tools, you can make the right decisions at the right time. Bringing the efficiency and more profit driven scenarios, we become a partner for your enterprise that you always desire.

Top-notch services with the latest technology

We work with multiple globally renowned downstream enterprises. That global understanding of the industry allows us to offer the most valuable services and tools for your business.

You get the support of our services at each and every step of the downstream operation.

1. Control over the supply and trade

Our solutions for the supply and trade procedures allow you to have better control. The management of the quality, systematic supply chain, and a secured storage are the part of the service. Plus, you get to have both physical and financial settlements of multiple oil and gas products.

2. Optimization of refining processes

Our technologies can optimize the operations for the refineries and chemical manufacturer. We build, implement and also support the infrastructure for you.

3. Management of the distribution

The management of the product delivery, pipeline and transportation assets become incredibly easier with our support.

4. Automation of the retail process

With our tools, the retail process gets excellent operational functionality. The easy fuel card payment processing and implementation of loyalty program are the part of our service for the retail.

Apart from these major services, we also offer our expertise and technologies to the point of sale, e-commerce, supply chain and also the logistics.

Get in touch for the benefits

We are offering you a chance to be a part of the bigger picture of the downstream procedure.

Are you ready to achieve greater operational performance?!


Kumbhalgarh Rajasthan Archaeology World’s Second Largest Wall

Kumbhalgarh Rajasthan Archaeology World’s Second Largest Wall

Seeing 8 Herculean horses crossing side by side, and together the Great Wall of India in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan is an epitome of architectural brilliance of India.                                                                                        A majestic design and remarkable construction, this not only grabs the title of being the second largest wall in the world, but also depicts the commendable toil of a 15th century India.

Situated in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, and 64 kms from Udaipur, this wall was initiated by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century, however, the wall got its final shape in the 19th century.
The wall surrounds the Kumbhalgarh fort, which in itself is an epic place to visit for the tourists. The fort is situated 1000 kms above the sea level and is now open as a museum for sightseeing.
The Great wall holds a width of 16 to 25 feet, and encircles the ranges of Aravali. Also, it is beautifully lit by various lamps and is made in various stones, which makes this wall a treat to watch for the visitors.
The wall protects and inhabits almost 300 temples which are located within the fort, out of which 300 are Jain temples and the remaining are Hindu temples, built for its followers.
Despite great efforts, Maharana could not make his great wall stand. Out of rescue, one spiritualist advised him that the wall will get recognition only if a volunteer sacrifices his life. This soon motivated a devotee to get his life slaughtered. A temple got constructed where his head fell and at the place of his body, the giant gate of the fortress stands today.


How to be a better lover?

Topic: How mindfulness makes you a better lover
Title: It’s time to mind that relationship
When you start liking somebody, little habits and gestures become signs that you read minutely to understand the nature of the person you are interested in. What is their favorite food? What kind of music they like? How they laugh when they are nervous and what clothes they feel the most comfortable in? From a little smirk at the corner of their lips to the silent words that are evident on their face – everything speaks loudly and the message is clear to you without you even having to try that hard.
A few years down the line, the charm of first attraction looks more like the distant echo of a fading memory. After a few years of slaving over an endless string of necessities and a practically ceaseless series of fights later, you are left wondering what went wrong and when. Is this the person you fell for? Or is this a mere shadow of what they used to be. Don’t worry; you did not make a bad choice. It’s a bit of a “been there, done that” territory for all of us and there are more people struggling with this seemingly expanding void in their relationships than you would care to think about. While it is nothing to go all berserk over; there is no denying that the relationship is in dire need of an attention boost. After all, you can only take so much of casual talks over dinners, before the detachment starts to weigh in on you.
It is a known fact that physical presence is vastly, if not completely, different from emotional presence. To actually listen to what the other person is saying and not just nodding without hearing it; understanding what they are trying to convey not just staring blankly at them – these seemingly trivial things form the bedrock of a good relationship. Mindlessness is the bane of proper communication, the lack of which can effectively put a stop to a connection that has just started to progress. While inattentiveness or mindlessness is categorically attributed to couples who have been together for at least a few years, the reality is far from that popular belief. With so many distractions and responsibilities plaguing people in their every waking moment, relationship issues or even necessary communication is generally put on the back burner.  And before long it all comes down to “you live your life and I’ll live mine.” So, bye bye love.
Psychiatrists agree that more than half of their cases nowadays are basic relationship issues which can be easily dealt with if given the time of the day. They opine that while people have all the intention of being there for their partner, both physically and mentally, it is the mental part where they hit a roadblock. Gathering one’s thoughts and needs and concentrating on the moment is something that is readily becoming a thing of the past. With smart devices scattered all around, the urge to fiddle with one of them is hard to ignore. Lifestyles now are vastly different than what they used to be a few decades back and every one of these factors are making people more and more unmindful.
Imagine getting caught in a heated moment with your partner and not being able to satisfy them just because you are distracted despite wanting to be there with all your body, mind and heart! Imagine getting into an argument with your partner and getting increasingly irritated by the moment and ending up reacting in a deeply undesirable way. How many times has it happened that you have regretted not listening to what you partner had to say? How many times have you felt frustrated for not being able to give it your all during intimate moments? How many times have you felt repentant for saying something angrily that you did not mean? Thankfully we are not wired in a way so that we would have to just accept this attitude and do nothing about it. Psychiatrists and relationship counselors agree on the fact that systematic practice of mindfulness can help people understand a situation properly and act accordingly in a rational way. So every time you are angry or frustrated or confused, you do not have to fall prey to irrational or impulsive reactions that you would regret for a long time.
How exactly can mindfulness help you to make your relationship with your partner better?
ü It makes you less defensive about baseless assumptions, so that you are better able to hear and respond to what's actually happening at a given moment rather than reacting out of old habits.
ü You become more receptive to genuine connection - both emotional and physical and are better able to nurture that connection.
The most obvious questions now would be how mindfulness manages to bring about such drastic changes in one’s attitude and here are some interesting explanations for that:
· It brings down the level of anxiety and stress that keeps mounting due to work and life pressures. Thus irrational anger subsides, making it easier to concentrate. Focusing on the issue at hand obviously helps to think about better ways to manage it.
· Studies have shown that there is an increase (both in size and activation) of the middle pre-frontal cortex (mPFC). According to neuroscientists this area integrates our higher, "intellectual" brain areas (for example, your frontal cortex) with those down below controlling our “raw” emotions. Having a more formidable mPFC allows you to bridge the gap between these two areas making it easier to analyze emotions and then form suitable reaction instead of just emotionally reacting.
· It helps you to keep a track of the time when your mind starts to wander off. Doing that enables you to force your mind to stay in one place and thus be completely aware of what’s going on then and there.
We all know meditation makes us more mindful; however, very few are actually aware of its definitive benefits. The goal is to achieve a calmer, peaceful mind and that won’t just happen by thinking about it. For getting started with mindful meditation, one has to set up a favorable environment where you won’t be easily disturbed. At first it is better to start with short ten to fifteen minutes sessions and gradually increase the time. The right posture and control of breathing have to be perfected too and thoughts will stop going haywire without you even realizing it.
The person who is special to you must be treated that way so that they are not left feeling insignificant in your life. The relationship and that person are worth putting in a genuine effort. When you start working towards changing yourself for the better, half the battle is won. Mindfulness practices enable you to actually achieve what you want and give your partner the love they deserve.

Why is today's generation the most and the least happy generation?

Blog Topic: Why today's generation is the most AND least mindful generation ever
Title: Being Mindful is the Key to a Happy and Healthy Life
The present generation is the least mindful generation ever. This is a sad realization and we are already facing its consequences. Given the amount of trash we put up with every day, we cannot do a greater disservice to ourselves than by being less mindful.
Tragedy of Modern Living
Our lives today are dramatically different than what it was couple of decades ago. We welcomed unhealthy lifestyles, messed up our personal relationships and dumped our humane side. We are constantly expanding our social circles with ‘new friends’ ignoring our family completely. We are always hankering after good things and despising bad experiences.We are jet-setting from one experience to another and forgetting to absorb every moment. We are overloaded with high expectations and want everything. We are running after beauty, trying to be perfect to the ‘T’. We like to skim the surface only and don’t have time to sit and introspect even if a day gives us 24 hours! So we continue being hungry for more experiences to fill in the blanks of unfulfilled desires just like Robert Frost wrote-“Life is an interminable chain of longing”.  
Face the 8 Rude Facts
· We are so busy trying to impress others that we forget to listen to our poor Self.
· We are so busy hating others that we forget the significance of love.
· We are so much into gaining that we forget the need to giving back.
· We are so desperate to raise our ambitions that we hardly feel the need to pay heed to the real lessons of life.
· We are busy flaunting our achievements so much that we forget to be thankful.
· We are so busy experiencing life that we forget the significance of ‘living’ life.
· We are so caught up into acquiring materialistic possessions that we shut our spiritual development altogether.
· To add to this never-ending list, we have forgotten our Creator long back with whose blessings and love we are here on this earth.
This act of continuous moving without any purpose is eating into our peace of mind, making us wander aimlessly, and ultimately we lose track of the very purpose of our life. This is because we are not mindful of what we are thinking or doing. In the words of the Great Buddha, those who are mindless or heedless are already dead!Our bloated egoistic self, had blindfolded our eyes preventing us from observing the beauty of this ‘gift’ called Life, and leaving us in eternal darkness.Our mindlessness has GIFTED us tonnes of stress, anxiety, depression, broken dreams and more failures. This is as bad as living in Hell!
If any of you find yourself agreeing to the above, it’s high time you realize you are in for a major BLOW. Are you paralyzed from the blow already? Don’t worry this ordeal will not last long if you accept your shortcomings and practice being mindfulness.
What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness refers to paying attention to our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations on purpose without judging them. It is an effort to redirect our mind to be in the ‘present’ and stop mulling over our past experiences or setting expectations about the future. This is a conscious attempt to bring purposefulness into our actions because our mind tends to travel everywhere even though we are living in the present.

7 Benefits of Mindfulness
Heck! We have barely started with our yoga and meditation that you ask us to digest this new word ‘mindfulness’.
Yes, because practicing it brings a wide range of benefits.
· It boosts our immune system and helps us to fight off diseases.
· It increases positive emotions and reduces negative ones such as stress and depression.
· It teaches us to focus without distractions and improves our memory and attention skills.
· It helps us develop positive values such as compassion and humility.
· It helps us to appreciate the simple things of life.
· It helps us to mend relationship problems by teaching us to be more accepting of each other’s faults.
· It helps parents to develop better relationships with their kids. Kids growing up with parents practicing mindfulness have better social skills.
· It helps obese people to develop healthier eating habits to fight obesity and to lose weight quickly.
Now you surely would not feign ignorance about mindfulness.So here are a few tips to start with it right away.
7 Easy Ways to Practicing Mindfulness
Practicing mindfulness can be challenging in the beginning but we must never lose hope buddy!
· The first step is preparing to practice meditation and searching for a quiet place to perform it.
· Sit quietly and collect your thoughts when you find one.
· Start by focusing on your breath and gradually practice focusing on ‘nothing’ to eliminate any distractions.
· Forgive yourself and others and learn to let go of bad experiences.
· Give yourself time and identify what cues your body or mind is giving out when you are not meditating.
· Thank yourself for taking time out from your busy schedule for your well-being.
· Develop a sense of gratitude for all the things you took for granted in this life.
With time you will realize that you don’t have to put much effort into practicing mindfulness. It will be as natural as breathing or brushing your dirty teeth or texting your lover. Sounds good? Well, after a considerable period of time you will find it has changed your lifestyle totally. Share your story with others around and inspire them to bring a change in their lives for greater good.



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