How to use Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick

How to use Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick? Lipsticks are an essential part of a woman's make up which help her to achieve a perfect look and full lips. It does not only add to her beauty but also her happiness and health. Whatever your prevailing mood is, you can add more life by wearing a good lipstick. Its every woman's dream to look amazing and a bit natural. Do you want to look trendy all year round? Are you a lipstick fanatic, and than try Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick. This lipstick helps you feel beautiful and increases your confidence.
Let us not forget about its hydration effect since most of them, and in this case, Lakme Enrich Matte lipstick works the best since it contains a moisturizing additive. A Lakme Enrich lipstick is now available in 25 vibrant shades with numbers which are designed to match you. Matte lipstick has a creamy texture and does not crack or dry up your lips. The creamy texture in this lipstick makes it more comfortable to wear. Every lady needs to keep her lips hydrated and a perfect picture of her lips, Matte lipstick has it all sorted. The hydration effect comes with the olive extract contained in the lipstick which replenishes your lips. Are you looking for that lipstick which you apply one coat, and you are good to go, try this.
How do you use it? One unique fact about this product is its easy application.
Follow these simple steps to achieve the best results. 1. First, rub your lips with a dump cloth or brush them with a toothbrush 2. Use a nourishing lip balm to ensure you lips are moist, soft and smooth. The lipstick will stick more 3. Start applying from the center to the upper lips then outward to the edges. 4. Put on the second base to make the color deeper and long lasting. 5. Glide across the entire bottom lip 6. Dust it with powder which helps it last longer Features and benefits 1. Matte lipstick is easy to wear 2.The creamy textures make it more comfortable to wear 3. It has a pleasant finish to your lips. 4. It is enriched with vitamin E and olive oil 5. It has no drags on lips is available in 25 new shades which are perfectly designed to match your skin tone How is it packaged? Lakme Enrich Matte lipstick packaged in a matte silver colored case of plastic has an appealing cap which is light and portable to carry around. Ladies, doesn't this sound amazing, huh? Of course it does. Its tube comes in a silver cardboard box which bears the product description. The silver cardboard appears to be more attractive than the product itself .the product is very plastic and cheap to hold. I suppose Lakme could have done a better job on this part but considering its price I think the product is worth the price. Review The creamy soft texture makes it easy to use and glides smoothly on the lips without pulling or tagging. All shades aren't the same, while some are pure matte, others are semi-matte. This lipstick has a sweet flowery fragrance. It lasts for a maximum of 4 hours, and like any other lipstick it needs a retouch after a heavy meal
About the shades Lakme Enrich Matte lipstick gives you a whole bunch of options to choose from depending on your skin tone .there are 25 vibrant shades which are designed to fit your skin complexion, from reds to pinks and nudes to mauves which come with numbers. It is easy to know what each shade stands for -OM, orange Matte, PM, pink Matte, RM, red Matte, BM, brown Matte and WM, wine Matte. Lakme Enrich Matte lipstick is available in the shades below, Shade BM 10- this is a nude brown shade which looks complete with Smokey eyes and you can it wear daily Shade BM 11- a dark brown chocolate shade and would perfectly fit a medium and fair skin Shade BM 12-a deep brown shade that would never go wrong with medium skin tones Shade PM 10- a hot raspberry pink and would perfectly go well with all skin tones Shade PM 11-This would work on a medium skin, this is the shade for is fuchsia pink for daily wear Shade PM 12-it is a pink petal is classy, and you can use it daily. This goes well with medium skin tones Shade PM 13- a cool toned Barbie pink and highly recommended for fair skin complexion Shade PM 15- it is bright pink and with some purple used on fair and medium skin tones Shade PM 16- brownish pink shade with grey complements fair and deep skin tones. Shade PM 17- muted pink shade for daytime wear for every skin ton. It has a more natural look. Shade RM 10- a deep-plum shade designed for all skin tones Other shades include, Shade RM 11 Shade RM 12 Shade RM 13 Shade RM 14 Shade RM 15 Shade RM 16 Shade RM 17 Shade RM 18 Shade OM 10 Shade OM 11 Shade OM 12 Shade VVM 10 Shade VVM 11
Merits Below are reasons you should prefer Lakme Enrich Matte lipstick over other lipsticks; • It has an easy application • Available in a wide variety of shades • It is pocket-friendly • It is soft and smooth on the lips • It has perfect coloration • Does not leave marks on your lips • It has a finished look Demerits However, like any other product, this lipstick has its setbacks though they do not surpass its benefits These nclude; • Some shades may settle into lines • They have a strong fragrance which may bother you if you sensitive to smell • Due to the powdery texture may highlight dry patches on the lips Do I recommend this lipstick? If it is a question of the price, Lakme Enrich Matte lipstick is budget friendly. Are you after quality? Lakme has it all. Want to look classy and trendy? Try Lakme enrich matte lipstick. I would highly recommend this product to all ladies since Lakme gives you value for money.
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