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    Zero distance with famous doctors

    The fifth course "clinical application of pregnancy detection indicators" in the air class of "medical examination Q & a" co organized by the branch of laboratory medicine of Chinese Medical Association will officially open on the

    • New Product - Gastric Function Test - Pepsinogen I/II(PGI/II


      1.PepsinogenPepsinogen (PG) is the precursor of pepsin secreted by the stomach and involved in digestion. Generally, 1% of PG can enter the blood circulation through the gastric mucosa, which can be divided into two subtypes: PGI and PGIISerum pepsinogen can accurately show the state and function of...

    • Congratulations on the launch of 9 new Huake products!


      Heart Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein(H-FABP)Registration Certificate No:京械注20182400401Clinical Significance: compared with other biochemical diagnostic indexes (such as myo, CK-MB) in the early diagnosis of AMI, it has comprehensive advantages in timeliness, sensitivity and specificity, and is...

    About Us

    Beijing Savant Biotechnology Co.,ltd.is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research, development, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments with the business tenet of "leading innovation in technology and product stability". The company has a wide range of products, forming a comprehensive development pattern of chemiluminescent tumor marker series, thyroid function series, POCT calcium deficiency series, anemia series and other products, which can provide a ser... More
    Beijing Savant Biotechnology Co.,ltd.
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