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Joomla Sitemap and sitemap generator with JSitemap ...
JSitemap: the Joomla sitemap. JSitemap is the most popular solution to manage Joomla sitemaps with almost 20.000 users and 200.000 installations. Create a sitemap for Joomla has never been easier thanks to JSitemap, the extension for the creation of the sitemap without plugins.

About HTML Sitemaps - Create Sitemaps - Sitemap Generator
It is for this reason that we use HTML sitemaps that basically makes it possible for your site’s visitors to navigate the site with ease. Simply put, a sitemap is an outline of your website’s navigation in bullet texts.

Video Sitemaps - Free Sitemap Generator
free sitemap Video Sitemaps Posted at June 1st, 2015 FreeSitemapGenerator supports video sitemaps. If your website contains videos hosted by or we will find them and put them in your sitemap. Check our example sitemap to see thie <video:video> tag. (you have to scroll down a bit) ...

JSitemap FAQ, Joomla sitemap FAQ and Joomla sitemap ...
Search in our FAQ for common questions about JSitemap and Joomla Sitemap generator. Check this category to find answers to common questions about Joomla sitemap, Joomla sitemap generators and JSitemap.

Joomla SEO | JSitemap, sitemap plugin
By default JSitemap creates a sitemap based on your Joomla menu and content structure, but you can also add other data resources. You can easily add these using a wizard for many used extensions like K2, shops like Virtuemart, Hikashop, Kunena, MosetsTree, etc: If no wizard exists you can still create custom datasources.

What is a Sitemap | Types of Sitemaps | SEO Sitemap
HTML sitemap (written in Hypertext Markup Language) XML sitemap (written in Extensible Markup Language) XML Sitemaps can have two types. Index Sitemap (how many URL sitemaps a website have) URL Sitemap (contain final information of URLs on webpage) XML sitemaps are further divided into 3 different categories. Sitemaps for webpages (commonly ...

Joomla SEO | JSitemap, sitemap plugin
JSitemap is a sitemap plugin that automatically creates your sitemap using either core Joomla data sources, or 3rd-parrty ones, both in HTML and as XML. JSitemap is a sitemap plugin that automatically creates your sitemap using either core Joomla data sources, or 3rd-parrty ones, both in HTML and as XML. ...

Dyno Mapper - Create Sitemaps - Sitemap Generator
Dyno Mapper will inventory your website and create an interactive visual site map that displays the website hierarchy and includes Google Analytics, easy access to all your inventory Information, and comment capability for efficient collaboration with decision makers.

Sitemap Generator. Create XML Sitemaps Online
Your quick and convenient way to create XML Sitemaps. MySitemapGenerator is an online Sitemaps generator. XML Sitemap provides better indexing results for your website by search engines and guarantees that your pages will be included in the search engine indexes.

Create HTML Sitemaps - HTML Sitemap Tutorial
While our sitemapper software has many options for configuring HTML sitemaps, we will be using the default settings. If you already know how to create standard HTML sitemaps, and instead are looking for a complete overview of all the HTML sitemap tools and options available, you should check our help page about advanced HTML sitemaps.